Posted Date: 02 Jul 2018
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KiKa Kimonos

My love of fashion started at a young age. As a little girl everything had to be colour coordinated. As a teenager I dipped my toes into every subculture, from; punk, goth, and heavy metal. In the 80s I adored the flamboyant styles of: Madonna, Wham, and Prince. Layering myself with: lace, fluorescents, and frills. During the 90s the raves, clubs, dance parties and festivals I regularly attended heavily influenced my style, resulting in a wardrobe of: baggy clothes, designer labels, hot pants, sneakers, platform heels, and lace up boots. I know! I know! More like a fashion victim. 


   Light as a Feather                                                                    

  Montego Bay                                                                                                                         
  Gypsy Girl                                                                        

This brings me to today: married with kids, and poodles. Over the years I’ve had many day jobs, from hairdressing, to 12 years as a flight attendant, a career I absolutely loved, but unfortunately not suited to family life.


My love of fashion has always remained (although I have toned it down a little), and I have always had a passion to create and design. This led me to pursue the idea of producing my own clothing label. I wanted to create garments that could be worn by all ages and never go out of fashion, which for me are kimonos and kaftans. 


Kimonos are an essential for any wardrobe and perfect for all seasons and every occasion, although it hasn’t always been that way. But hey, they’ve always been around. Whether it’s a gown worn around the house, or a cute little cover up / jacket worn over a singlet or camisole. How funny that my major assignment in textiles at school was a Kimono…Who would have thought! 

Kaftans, well they’ve been around since the 60s and 70s and they are the perfect cover up for the beach or pool, having also come into fashion as a stylish statement piece that can be worn out every day.


 Montego Bay Bat Sleeve                                                                                          
  Paisley  Pop                                                                        
  Aztec Fringe

I spend many days and months carefully picking the fabrics, prints, and designs to produce each unique piece, while adding a lot of love along the way. Looking back through all my photos and photoshoots while doing this blog, I’m like “wow there is a lot of KiKa floating around!”. Not only in Australia but also overseas, from selling online through my website, social media, and spending many weekends selling my pieces at the markets, and this makes me smile.


So here it is, and here they are…. KiKa Kollection!

A lot of people have asked how I came about the name. Well to point out the fairly obvious, I took Ki from Kimonos and Ka from Kaftans and by adding Kollection with a K it just flowed.

It was a serendipitous moment when I recalled Kika was my little sister’s nickname growing up, so I think it was always meant to be.

It’s been a fabulous ride for me and everyone who’s been involved in the process, I thank all my team and all my lovely customers who have purchased a little piece of KiKa. 

I hope you will love KiKa Kollection, too.

KiKa xx


  Earth Girl

  Paisley Fringe

Photoshoot: KiKa Kimonos

Models: Claudia and Tracy MM

Photographer: Zack

Location: Luxor Farm House