Posted Date: 03 Jun 2018
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Kimonos Amore

The Kimono is a traditional Japanese garment. The word “Kimono which actually means a ‘thing to wear” 
(ki ‘wear’ and mono “thing) It’s a full length robe with long sleeves and a sash called an obi. Different types of kimono are worn depending on the occasion; kimonos for everyday wear are a lot simpler than those for formal occasions 


The rest of the world than embraced the oriental trend by not so much wearing the full traditional kimono but by wearing kimonos that were long, short, different style of sleeving, some with sashes some with out and they became the essential item in any wardrobe. Kimonos are the perfect cover up for over swimwear, all casual through the day over your shorts and T or for the evenings a simple but stylish accessory to wear over an outfit. 


Kimono Amore was a vision of kimonos that could be worn by a wide range of ages, bright and stand out prints that you could wear with just about anything. I was thinking festivals, parties and outdoor concerts so I added a boho vibe by adding some fringing on some. I introduced the kimono gowns that could be worn as a stunning maxi dress or opened and worn as a duster. I designed the classic but simple open free size kimono and the kimono jacket with the bat sleeves and a button up wrist.




I used mainly rayon fabric and chose to do a few in silk for that little bit of pizzaz for evening wear, I also did a few in silk/chiffon as this fabric doesn’t crease and it’s perfect for the ladies who love to keep a kimono tucked in their bag so it’s on hand to cover their shoulders from the sun when out and about or when the sun goes down and it gets a tad cool. Kimono Amore! here it is, our continued love for kimonos and we hope you love them too xx